Wembley Forget, United Future Think

Football Zone - Manchester United tried to forget the defeat at Wembley Stadium. Sir Alex Ferguson has promised to build strength, and more care to young players.

Although the Red Devils suffered defeat in the Champions League final, but it does not reduce meriahnya parade Premier League title to the 19 times in the city of Manchester, England. Thousands of United's fans still chanted Nemanja Vidic et al.

"This is exactly what Manchester United. Fans show loyalty which is fantastic. Despite bad weather, but fans are still here," commented Sir Alex told MUTV in title celebrations on Tuesday (31/05/2011).

"What is impressive is the number of children who are here. There are so many fathers with their children, who are still one or two years old, was sitting on their shoulders. That is the future of Manchester United, young man," he said.

Indeed, the lovers of the Red Devils are still hard to forget the defeat in the Champions League final from Barcelona. However, Ferguson realized, Vidic et al have tried hard to compensate for the Spanish champion's games.

"People have to understand the mechanism of our industry which is being built. We were only allowed to train young players approximately one hour. Meanwhile, Barcelona, can train young players every hour of every day. That isis the advantage of Barcelona,​​which has a fantastic philosophy ,"said Ferguson .

"Therefore, we hope within the next few years, our coaches can spend time with young players to train them basik, technical ability and confidence to defend the ball every time,"continued the Scot.

"We did well in maintaining the ball, but we're not as good as Barcelona for a while. This is an incredible challenge. We have always accepted the challenge," he said.

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