Atletico Madrid Binding Manzano

Football Zone - After sacked Quique Sanchez Flores, management finally appointed former Atletico Madrid entrenadornya Gregorio Manzano. Understand it if Atletico fired Flores saw performnya less encouraging with Atletico Madrid last season.

Although brought Atletico Europa League finish in the zone, it seems management is still hesitant to extend the contract Flores menceramti series of fluctuating Atletico achievement.

Departure from these issues, the Atletico finally pointed Manzano who nearly two decades working in the field of kepelatiha. More than that, Manzano also managed to lift Sevilla from adversity to finally bring Sevilla finish in the zone of Europa League.

In a statement on the Goal, on Thursday (06/09/2011), Atletico have confirmed that they have reached an agreement with the coach who had shone with Real Mallorca period 2006 to 2010.

"Atletico Madrid have reached an agreement with a new coach Gregorio Manzano as Ateltico 2011/12 season," the statement Atletico camp.

Just to remind, Manzano carry heavy duty dipundaknya to give the maximum contribution for Atletico in the next season. In addition to providing the best prosecuted in the stage of La Liga, Manzano was given a tough task management team which won back the trophy Europa League.

Not only that Manzano had to convince Sergio Aguero and David De Gea careful not to turn away to another club.

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