England U17 vs. Argentina U17 (U17 World Cup Final-eighths of 2011)

Football Zone - Prediction England U17 vs. Argentina U17. Britain and Argentina went on one big competition in world football in Pachuca on Thursday when they fight it out for a place in the quarter-finals at Mexico 2011. With so much at stake, unbeaten England in the group phase and the hard work of Argentina will mean little when the whistle sounds in what will surely encounter sharply contested.

Despite releasing two-goal lead against Canada, the UK had been assured of in Mexico 2011. In winning their group, John Peacock's side went undefeated, recognized only two goals against Canada and scored six, all from different players.

Conversely Argentina has seen nothing but impressive, their problems compounded by being late in Mexico. Struggling to recapture the form that took them to the finals, they were overwhelmed by the French and dismissed by the Japanese, defeating sandwiched between wins over Jamaica that eventually took their place in the last 16. Regardless of their struggles, genealogy Argentina 'means they can not be discounted.

Number of times the two countries have faced in FIFA competitions. Five of those games have come in the FIFA World Cup ™, the English won three and drawn one. The remaining two games both come at the U-20 level, where Argentina has the edge with a win and a draw.

"We need to keep our performance level for the next game. It's exciting for us to play Argentina, what with all the history surrounding the game. There's something special about games like this and obviously we want to win," England forward Max Clayton.

"We know this particular game, but things will not go well if we feel under pressure or nervous. They defended so well that the key will be to keep the ball from them. If we can control the ownership, space will open in the end," Argentina midfielder Brian Ferreira.

England U17 last match:
June 26, 2011 (PD17) Uruguay U17 0-2 England U17
June 23, 2011 (PD17) Canada U17 2-2 England U17
June 20, 2011 (PD17) Ruanda U17 0-2 England U17

Argentina U17 final game:
June 25, 2011 (PD17) Japan U17 3-1 Argentina U17
June 22, 2011 (PD17) Jamaica U17 1-2 Argentina U17
June 19, 2011 (PD17) France U17 3-0 Argentina U17
April 10, 2011 (AS17) Argentina U17 2-3 Brazil U17
April 7, 2011 (AS17) Argentina U17 1-2 Ecuador U17

Predicted line-ups England U17 vs. Argentina U17:

England U17: 1-Jordan Pickford, 2-Jordan Cousins, 6-Nathaniel CHALOBAH, 15-Samuel Magri, 3-Bradley SMITH, 8-Nicholas POWELL, 11-Jake Caskey, 7-Raheem STERLING, 4-John LUNDSTRAM, 10 - Max Clayton, 18-Blair TURGOTT.

Argentina U17: 12-Nicolas Sequeira, 2-Edgardo Baez, 4-Enzo Beloso, 13-Maximiliano Padilla, 16-Jonathan SILVA, 5-Gaspar INIGUEZ, 10-Brian Ferreira, 15-Pablo Carreras, 7-Lucas OCAMPOS, 18 - Lucas Pugh, 9-Lucas VERA PIRIS.

Prediction score of the match England U17 vs. Argentina U17 by Football Corner: England U17 is likely to win the game with the score 3-1.

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