Gooners Bid Denilson on Ebay

Football Zone - "Never hurt the hearts fans." The sentence should now be completely impregnated byDenilson. Why not? His statement that seemed harassing Arsenal, Brazilian playerdirectly into the victim caused by Gooners.
Act here is not inclined to violence or other. But more to the prank or ignorant.

Yes, because said he wanted to immediately leave because they think Arsenal could not quite fulfill her desire to win the title, Denilson suddenly appeared on the eBay auction site complete with pricing and specific information about its capabilities.

Reported by The Sun, Tuesday (06/28/2011) at the site posted price for Denilson is opened from 68.70 pounds. While in some of the written statement that he is a playerwho rarely injured (inversely related to the fact) and be able to meet the needs of a team will be a slow midfield.

Before eBay removed by hand, carrying offerings to Denilson has reached the price of15 thousand pounds.

Arsenal Denilson himself had been put in the list of selling. Unfortunately until now noone has expressed interest to one of the midfielders with a ratio of the worst passingaccuracy in the Arsenal

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