Match Result and Video Czech Republic U21 vs Belarus U21 (third place playoff Euro U21 2011)

Football Zone - Results Czech Republic U21 vs Belarus U21. Belarus U21 finally qualified for the 2012 Olympics after beating Czech Republic U21 with the score 0-1 in the third place playoff Euro U21 2011 (play-off the 2012 Olympics).

Compete at the Aalborg Stadium, Saturday, June 25, 2011, night local time, Belarus had to fight extra hard serve pelawana Czech Rep, which in essence is more favored to win. It was seen from Czech Rep possession that reaches 54 percent versus 46 percent owned by Belarus.

However, Belarus proved able to implement an effective game than the opponent. From a total of nine trials, they managed to threaten the goal of the Czech Rep. 3 times. While his opponent only once fired a shot towards goal from 10 attempts.

Besides thanks to hard work, support of Lady Luck is often overshadowed throughout the tournament, is also very visible in this fight. Czech Rep should peak when playing with ten men when Lukas Vacha rewarded a second yellow card due to handball.

As a result, struggling with ten players in the remaining 15 minutes to make Agent SBOBET Czech Rep little trouble. It was also able to use Belarus to continue to work to steal the winning goal.

Climax when the game two minutes into the normal time. Oleg Veretilo receiving a cross from the right side, defender Yegor Filipenko able to remove the Agent SBOBET volley that the goalkeeper failed to anticipate the Czech Republic, Tomas Vaclik.

With the remaining last two minutes plus extra time, the Czech Republic failed to score again to force a draw. Belarus has been able to maintain the advantage until the fight is over, d the right to pocket the tickets to the 2012 Olympics of three allotments in Euro U-21.

With that achievement, the failure to overcome Spain in the semifinal was not regarded as a failure. For Belarus, reached the semi-finals is already a remarkable score.

Video results Czech Republic U21 vs. Belarus U21 can be witnessed on Soccer video.

The composition of players Czech Republic U21 vs Belarus U21:

Czech Republic U21: 1-Tomáš Vaclík, 2-Jan Lecjaks (12-Jan Kovařík 13 '), 4-Ondrej Mazuch, 5-Ondrej Čelůstka, 6-Lukas Vacha, 7-Tomáš Hořava, 8-Borek Dočkal, 13 - Gecov Marcel, 17-Marek Suchý, 19-Jan Chramosta (Václav Kadlec 14-83 '), 22-Adam Hloušek (9-Libor Kozak 46').

Belarus U21: 1-Aleksandr Gutor, 2-Stanislav Dragun, 3-Sergei Matveychik (18-Denis Polyakov 76 '), 4-Sergei Politevich, 7-Mikhail Sivakov, 9-Maksim Skavysh (15-Dmitri Rekish 83'), 10 Aleksandr Perepechko-(5-Dmitri Baga 34 '), 11-Andrei Voronkov, 13-Pavel Nekhaychik, 20-Oleg Veretilo, 21-Yegor Filipenko.

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