Prediction Iceland U21 v Belarus U21 (EURO U21 2001)

Football Zone - Prediction Iceland U21 v Belarus U21. For the first time Iceland had qualified for the U21 European Cup finals. Sebagau the only participant debutants, the team that fester in Group A along with Belarus, Denmark, and Switzerland had been reluctant to simply become cheerleaders.

The coach, Eyjolfur Sverrisson mempu believe his men to go very far if you can record the victory in the first game against Belarus.

"The important thing is to perform optimally in their opening match," said Sverrisson as reported by the UEFA website.

"The next game is not going to be easy. But, at least a victory in the inaugural match could increase the confidence of the players," he continued.

Compared with Belarus, which previously had two appearances at Euro U21, Iceland clearly losing experience. But their appearance throughout the qualifying rounds was considered quite impressive.

Iceland managed to record a 2-2 draw when they travel to Germany and markers at home 4-1 win over the same opponent. They finished the qualifying round as runner-up in Group 5.

In the play-off phase, Iceland appears convincing when to get rid of Scotland with an aggregate 4-2.

Public also be surprised when Iceland had succeeded in conquering England 2-1 in a duel trial that was held in Preston (28 / 3). The result is what makes Sverrisson quite optimistic his troops can provide strong resistance to their opponents.

Even so, the 42-year-old coach was reluctant to set a target for his team. "We just want to show the best. I do not want to burden the players by setting specific targets," he said.

Iceland traveled to Denmark with ammunition from the squad is strengthened nine senior, sorts midfielder Johann Gudmundsson and Gylfi Sigurdsson. Unlike other participants, Iceland only have three days to prepare before tam [il in the U21 European Cup finals.

There is no problem if in three days the players know each other and understand the tactics that will be applied, "said Sverrisson.

Belarus U21 last five games:
11 Agus 2010 (KPE) Belarus U21 3-3 Austria U21
03 Sept 2010 (KPE) Belarus U21 1-1 Scotland U21
07 Sept 2010 (KPE) Belarus U21 1-0 Azerbaijan U21
08 Okto 2010 (KPE) Italy U21 2-0 Belarus U21
12 Okto 2010 (KPE) Belarus 3-0 Italy U21

Iceland U21 last five games:
02 Mart 2010 (KPE) Germany U21 2-2 Iceland U21
11 Agus 2010 (KPE) Iceland U21 4-1 Germany U21
07 Sept 2010 (KPE) Ceska Rep U21 3-1 Iceland
07 Okt0 2010 (KPE) Iceland 2-1 Scotland U21
11 Okto 2010 (KPE) Scotland U21 1-2 Iceland U21

Prediction of the Structure and Formation Players Iceland U21 v Belarus U21:

Belarus U21 (4-4-2): Aleksandr Gutor, Matveychik, Politevich, Veretilo, Ryzhko, Sivakov, Bukatkin, Nekhajchik, Dragun, Skavysh, Voronkov.

Iceland U21 (4-4-2): Haraldur Bjornsson, Fridgeirsson, Jonsson, Valgardsson, Johannesson, Eyjólfsson, Vidarsson, Sigurdsson, Kristjansson, Gudmundsson, Gislason.

Prediction scores Iceland U21 v Belarus U21 by Zona-Spakbola : Imbang with the score 2-2. The match vs Iceland U21 U21 Belarus took place on June 11, 2011.

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