Sergio Van Dijk Career, The New Indonesia naturalized players

Football Zone - The Indonesian Football Association makes every effort to the top scorer of the Australian A-leauge - Sergio van Dijk - to naturalize, so the 28-year-old to Asse can be used in the first World Cup qualifier against Turkmenistan in Indonesia. That leaves Sergio van Dijk know in an interview with Sport TV Drenthe, which is broadcast next Monday. The former player of FC Groningen, Helmond Sport FC Emmen and looks for "his" country to come out. "My grandparents have an Indonesian background and I feel anyway connected with that country. It is an honor for Indonesia to play though it is not all cut and dried. It is now working hard to make the papers. If after my international career back get Dutch citizenship, it will work out. "

Van Dijk is a demigod in Indonesia. "Yes, that's not normal. If I step off the plane then I clung through the crowd, there are hordes of photographers and camera crews. Fantastic course. Or I know the Indonesian national anthem? ... No. "

Born to the Asse was crowned top scorer this season for the Australian A-League as a striker for Adelaide Uniteded. After his second Brisbane Roar Club Downunder. Basically, Van Dijk, who vainly hoped for a loan-deal (a rental in the summer for example, South Korea) is a two-year contract in Adelaide, but the striker - whose 40 goals came in three years Emmen - also realizes that he was in the prime of life is. "In that respect you could say I now again a step, and who knows? I hope someday to play in the English Championship. It pulls the football experience to me. In addition, I will feel a lot closer to my family. But I am certainly not complaining though. I did my job well in Australia.

Years Team Apps (Gls)
2000–2002 Groningen 2 (1)
2002–2005 Helmond Sport 87 (13)
2005–2008 Emmen 98 (32)
2008–2010 Brisbane Roar 50 (25)
2010–Now Adelaide United 30 (17)

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