Against Liverpool, Evra Become Manchester United's Captain

ZonaFootball - Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson remains will bring left back, Patrice Evra in their visit to the headquarters of Liverpool, Anfield stadium in FA Cup quarter-final party that was held on Saturday (01/28/2012).

This action is to be the first match at Anfield since Evra was involved in an incident with Reds striker Luis Suarez. Incidents of harassment allegedly racially from Suarez to make the FA punish Evra Uruguay's international player of 8 matches.

And certainly, in the later game, Evra will not get a friendly welcome from supporters of Liverpool at Anfield. Reds fans are guaranteed to put pressure terhadapa the French players, but it did not even reserve Evra makes Ferguson.

"That's not true, you have to save him (Evra) because of a racial harassment case, but I believe it has happened to him in the past. I do not think playing at Anfield would bother him after what had happened," said Ferguson as quoted by the Daily Post, Friday (27/01/2012).

"There will always be something else in every game, and if you continue to worry about something, then you will lose focus and lose," he explained.

Not only that, the Scot is also going to appoint a team captain Evra, given their captain, Nemanja Vidic is still injured and is expected to miss up to the end of the season.

"I think the more experienced players deserve priority to be captain, and the choice fell on Patrice," he said.

"He's a player who is known as a good person, and it's very important to hold the armband in a team like us. He is very friendly and also has a humorous side, but he also included as a quiet child," he said.

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