Prediction Score FC Bayern Munchen vs Chelsea FC (UEFA Champions League 2012 Final)

ZonaFootball - In accordance with Schedule Champions League Final 2012 Chelsea vs Bayern Munchen then certainly dated May 19, 2012 is a new history of the birth kampium prestigious soccer league currently the Champions League in 2012, where the Champions League final in 2012 the Munich will face Chelsea, such as whether forecast 2012 Champions League final Chelsea vs Bayern Munchen? following his presentation.

Munich struggle to get to the final level of course is not easy, the hard hopeless The Bavarians title for Bayern Munich managed to beat the staying-gadangkan favorite champion, none other than Real Madrid via the shootout, just for those who want to look back on a beautiful moment menyaktikan such penalties as well as in Penalty Shootout Video vs Real Madrid Bayern Munich Champions League semi-final second leg 26 April 2012.

But of course the Champions League Final 2012 match is different from the previous game, the first Munich benefit match with the location, because the finals will be held distadion Allianz Arena stadium is one of the automatic injection of moral pride of Germany as the host of a strong foundation for Munich to beat Chelsea .

In terms of players, Munich could breathe because not too many players who were forced to rest because of accumulated yellow cards, accounting for three players who have witnessed the 2012 Champions League final from the bench that is Holger Badstuber, David Alaba and Luiz Gustavo.

And what about Chelsea's own such as whether the strategy will be implemented by the host Chelsea in a deal with Bayern Munich? it seems the strategy adopted by the Blues when it hit Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final match will be applied again in the final game is to survive and fight back when the opportunity arises.

But we must remember that the defense would not be as solid as Chelsea against Barcelona, ​​the reason there are a few pillars and central defender who was forced to rest because of the accumulation of cards, that Branislav Ivanovic (yellow card accumulation), Ramires (yellow card accumulation), Raul Meireles ( accumulation of yellow cards) and John Terry has been ascertained that could not perform because of red card in the previous game automatically with the disappearance of the middle and rear pillars make the heart of Chelsea was Chelsea's defense leaves a hole and this is of course advantageous camp Munchen.

Rottenness of the back line a little helped by her on fire forward, in a few games back craze and Torres showed his strength as the best and most expensive striker carried off from Liverpool, just look at the action of his hat-trick as Chelsea QPR bombarded with a score of 6-1.

The conclusion is that in my opinion 2012 Champions League final between Chelsea vs Munchen held tough, the stronghold of Munich itself Rabbery, Sebastian and Robben will make use of the rottenness of the Chelsea back line continued to assault and Chelsea themselves will make every effort to make their team fortress thick and strong as possible, with the occasional counter-attack and forward Fernando Torres was able to create a record that scored positive in every game but the Chelsea striker should alert the prevalence and patterns of individual skills to be a good defense point over Munich defender, so it can be guessed score Munchen 2012 Champions League final vs Chelsea is 60 to 40 for Munich and Chelsea.

Prediction Score FC Bayern Munchen vs Chelsea FC (UEFA Champions League 2012) by ZonaFootball : Bayern Munchen 2 - 1 Chelsea

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