Prediction Score Germany vs Netherlands (EURO 2012)

ZonaFootball -  Joachim Low had a victory under their belt in their first game, 1-0 win over Portugal. What can we take from that game? Well, it may not seem like much, because the Germans never made their progress completely.However, they still look as if they have proper control at times, but because of the way Portugal to fight them, they are distracted from their flow in the middle of the park. That being said, there is a very big positive for anyone who had supported Germany to continue and win the tournament, because the Germans are not going to win the game, and they stand a very strong defense. 
Germany is known now for their young, displaying a strong attack. Their tactics are not really move forward, because they are not allowed, however, Joachim Low is delighted with the win. It took a long time to break the Portuguese, but Mario Gomez's header with 20 minutes to do it, broke the deadlock in the evenly contested match. Portugal certainly answer, but the German defense did not let anything through. That will be happy to coach, because winning dirty, when they can not get into your step, a signal that Germany is more than just the pretty to watch.So with one win under their belts, and saw the Dutch lost their opening match in Group B, Germany will be strong favorites to take the group. They just need to find their way safely through this game, because there might be a strong response came from the Netherlands. But Germany has the ability to choose their side of the team who actually played the game open. Germany is a hard fast on the counter-attack, and only has quality throughout. A draw would not be the end of the world for the Germans here, not with one game to come against Denmark, but also could be a bigger agenda here. Germany has a chance to put the Netherlands Euro 2012 lifeline in danger. If Germany wins, Portugal and Denmark held to a draw, Oranje will pack their bags early. So the ball is firmly in the German court, which only have to grow the confidence of winning the first game that came out of the blocks. This is a tough test for them against a team, defensively organized. Netherlands should come and attack them, and that should make the German people even more dangerous.
prediction score germany vs netherlands by zonafootball : Germany 2-0 Netherlands

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