Match Results and Video Denmark U21 vs Belarus U21 (EURO U21)

Football News - Finally the host, Denmark managed to reap the full amount U21 in U21 European Cup 2011, berket 2-1 win over Belarus at the continued preliminary round Group A. The results are consistent with predictions Football Zone (read: Prediction game score Belarus U21 vs. Denmark U21)

Compete at Aarhus Stadium, Wednesday, June 15, 2011, pm dawn, actually started the match with Denmark U21 is less convincing. In contrast to Belarus, playing impressive as the face of Iceland. 2-0 victory in the first fight to make them more confident.

Belarus capable of winning first in the 20th minute through Dmitri Braga advantage of a Danish defender who froze when Baga escaped the offside trap.

Baga which alone drove towards goal and then deal with the Danish goalkeeper Mikkel Anderson. He is without difficulty trick and put the ball into the empty goal.

Unfortunately, the benefits of Belarus did not last long. Within two minutes, Denmark managed to equalize through the use of Christian Eriksen ball rebound results Cristian Eriksen penalty.

Goals that starts dar blunders Belarus Mikhail Sivakov captain who tried to stop Nicolai Jorgensen. Only, a bit harsh actions that resulted in Jorgensen fell in the penalty box. The referee immediately pointed to the white dot.

However, Eriksen failed to complete the penalty. Goalkeeper Aleksandr Gutor successfully resist the execution Eriksen. Only, this Ajax star wasted no ball rebounds and Gutor not move.

After balancing goal that Denmark continues to try to increase the intensity of the attacks. But their efforts created the second goal was meneui barriers until the first half ended.

In the second half, Denmark to increase its pressure. Target wins to open areas away from the group stage to make them work hard to break into the opponent's goal. Several times, Eriksen and Jensen attack can still be defeated Gutor.

Danish hard efforts finally paid off. Jorgensen kick failed to reach the wrong Gutor anticipate that slid the ball into the top left corner of the net. Goal that is created in the 71st minute that changed the score to 2-1.

The position was not changed until the end of the game. Denmark to ensure victory and open the hope to move on to the next round.

With the victory, Denmark has managed to rise to the order of two Group A standings with a value of 3. The collection is similar to that of Belarus, but Denmark winning meeting and goal difference.

Video results Denmark U21 vs Belarus U21 can be seen in the Soccer Video.

The Line up of Denmark U21 vs Belarus U21:

Denmark U21: Mikkel Andersen, Zanka, Andreas Bjelland, Nicolai Biolesen, Daniel Wass, Mads Winther Albaek, Mike Jensen (Kasper Povlsen 78 '), Chrsitian Eriksen, Nicolai Jørgensen (Mads Fenger 82'), Nicki Nielsen, Henrik Dalsgaard (Bashkim Kadrii 62 ').

Belarus U21: Aleksandr Gutor, Sergey Politevich, Denis Polyakov, Oleg Veretio, Egor Filippenko, Stanslav Dragun, Dmitri Braga, Mikhail Sivakov, Nikita Bukatkin (Dmitri Rekish 46 '), Aleksandr Perepechko (Pavel Nekhayshik 75'), Varankov Andrey (Vladimir Khvaschinskiy (75 ').

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