Indonesia Dangerous Team in Group E, "Beware Iran, Qatar & Bahrain!" (pre world cup 2014 qualifiers asia zone)

Football Zone - Having defeated Turkmenistan 5-4 on aggregate, Indonesia Nation Team right to advance to third round of the 2014 World Cup Qualifying Zone Pre Asia.

Indonesia has a good league in the league rankings AFC, which is ranked eighth in Asia. So have a high quality local players as well. Indonesia are in Group E qualifying Pre World Cup Brazil 2014 with Iran, Bahrain and Qatar.

In head to head Indonesia is not good when playing with Iran and Qatar. But in Bahrain, Indonesia won the last meeting with the score 2-1 in 2007. It was created by the Indonesian goal and one goal BUDI SUDARSONO Spectacular from Bambang Pamungkas when kicking the ball rebounds from Long Shoot Firman Utina.

To address the poor record of Indonesia in the 2014 World Cup qualifying zone Asia, Indonesia has prepared a strategy with their descendants naturalized player who played in EUROPE and the football player who played in the Indonesia Super League. Some descendants of the naturalized player is SERGIO Van Dijk, Joey Suk, Stefano LILIPALY, John VAN Beukering, Ruben WUARBANARAN, and DIEGO Michiels. The player is a Dutch player of all, because the history of Indonesia that have experienced an expansion by the Netherlands for 3.5 centuries, so many children of the marriage of the Indonesia-Netherlands.

Some football players are on naturalization also played in Indonesia Super League, they are IGBONEFO and GREG VICTOR NWOKOLO. Both are Nigerian nationals football player.

With several players who have now, Indonesia will become a dangerous team in the GROUP E. So say beware to IRAN, QATAR and BAHRAIN.

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