Match Result Iran vs Indonesia (World Cup Qualifier 2014)

ZonaFootball - Results of Iran vs Indonesia. Indonesia failed to bring home the points in the first game of World Cup qualifying group phase in 2014 after Iran knocked three goals without reply. (read:Match Prediction Score Iran vs. Indonesia). Compete at the Azadi International Stadium, Friday, September 2, 2011, night local time, the Red and White teams already depressed since the beginning of the game. Iran is led by Ali Karimi and Javad Nekounam as the midfield anchor, several agents are able to give a threat to Indonesia's goal ball, this time escorted by Mark Haris Maulana. Fortunately, the appearance pelontos-headed goalkeeper was still pretty neat in the intercept every onslaught of the host. In addition, high discipline exhibited defense Squad coordinated the Red and White duet Hamka Hamzah and M. Roby also still able to mitigate Iran's efforts to score. At least until halftime Wim Rijsbergen's squad could hold the score remained glasses. In the second half, Indonesia tried to increase the bang on. Still, their efforts to penetrate the defense of Iran is often crude. Precisely the host who began playing smart players take advantage of your posture. Through dead balls, a few times capable of giving Iran a threat to the agents ball goalkeeper Mark. In fact, in the 54th minute, Iran's free kick was eventually able to produce the opening goal through a header captain, Javad Nekounam. Goals that could make the squad Indonesia dared to rise up and increasingly pressing. But still they are not able to anticipate the tactics of Iran. Several times Carlos Queiroz's squad that made Indonesia continues to carry out such violations in the defense itself. The result, in the 74th minute, the host of tactics to maximize their return by creating a second goal. Back through the set-piece ball dead, Nekounam recorded the second goal with a header which again failed to anticipate Mark. Behind two goals to make the spirit of Indonesia becoming slightly decreased. Some of the changes made Rijsbergen was still unable to increase the power knocked on Indonesia. Alhir-alhir missed out, just re-wicket Indonesia uprooted at minute 86. This time the goal of Iran was not born through a set-piece ball dead. Utilizing feedback Mahini pull Hossein, Andranik Timotian Samarani penetrating from outside the penalty box straight off sepakkan right foot into the bottom corner of goalkeeper Mark. The final score was a 3-0 victory for Iran. These results make Indonesia must be willing to be in the agent base ball standings of Group E with three-goal deficit. While Iran topped the standings with a value of 3. Iran vs Indonesia Lineup : Iran: Mahdi Rahmati (g); Khosro Heidari, Hossein Jalal, Hadi Aghili, Javad Nekonam, Farhad Majidi, Al Karimi, M Reza, Gholam Reza (Mahini'64), Ghasem Hadadifar (Teimourian'71), Mehrdad Pooladi Indonesia: Markus Horison (g); Benny Wahyudi, Hamka Hamzah, M Roby, Zulkifli Syukur, M Ilham (Bacdhim'61), Hariono(Toni'77), Firman Utina (Okto'80), M Ridwan, Christian Gonzalez, Bambang Pamungkas.

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