Prediction Scores Saudi Arabia vs Indonesia (Friendly Match)

ZonaFootball - Prediction Saudi Arabia vs Indonesia. Indonesia's senior national team will return to Saudi Arabia met test match in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Friday, October 7, 2011. This action is a preparation for both teams in the 2014 World Cup qualifier in Brazil. Especially for Indonesia ahead of the face of Qatar in the third game in Group E, 11 October.

On paper, Indonesia is not opposed to the parallel and Saudi Arabia are well-deserved underdog. In fact in the annals of the two teams meeting, Indonesia has met with Saudi Arabia as much as ten times. Unfortunately, Indonesia never win though and eight games ended in defeat and the remaining two draws. Obtained Indonesia last defeat at the 2007 Asian Cup at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta, with the score 1-2. Likewise polemic that occurred in Indonesia about the relationship of the body team coaches and players will affect the appearance of army Garuda.

Indonesia's current position at the bottom of the standings in Group E World Cup Asian zone qualifier after collecting two-game losing streak, which is opposed to Iran and Bahrain. For that friendly matches should be used to measure the extent to which Indonesia's readiness coach Wim Rijsbergen foster children before the game was actually entertaining Qatar.

Beyond the discussion of the strength of both teams, this match would be a proving ground Yasser Al Qahtani sharpness and Cristian Gonzalez. Although the status of the match trials only, but the bomber two teams will want to prove the capacity of each. Qahtani of Saudi Arabia as the main striker will strive to demonstrate an aggressive game. It as a capital before challenging Thailand Saudi Arabia, Tuesday (11/10). Understandably in the group stage first two games, Qahtani not scored at all.

Similarly, Gonzales mission. Naturalization of Uruguay striker was expected to re-discover the lost sharpness in the last two games last match. Precisely when the national team to face Iran and Bahrain. However, before the third round group stage begins, El Loco productivity is quite tolerable.

Head to Head of Saudi Arabia vs Indonesia:
July 14, 2007 (PA) Indonesia 2-1 Saudi Arabia
October 12, 2004 (PPD) Indonesia 1-3 Saudi Arabia
February 18, 2004 (PPD) Saudi Arabia 3-0 Indonesia
October 17, 2003 (JI) Saudi Arabia 6-0 Indonesia
October 10, 2003 (JI) Saudi Arabia 5-0 Indonesia

Last Five Matches Saudi Arabia:
September 7, 2011 (PPD) Saudi Arabia 1-3 Australia
September 2, 2011 (PPD) Oman 0-0 Saudi Arabia
July 28, 2011 (PPD) of Hong Kong 0-5 Saudi Arabia
July 24, 2011 (PPD) Saudi Arabia 3-0 Hong Kong
July 17, 2011 (LFM) Kuwait 1-0 Saudi Arabia

Last Five Matches Indonesia:
September 6, 2011 (PPD) Indonesia 0-2 Bahrain
September 2, 2011 (PPD) Iran 3-0 Indonesia
28 Aug 2011 (LFM) Jordan 1-0 Indonesia
22 Aug 2011 (LFM) Indonesia 4-1 Palestine
July 28, 2011 (PPD) Indonesia 4-3 Turkmenistan

Predicted line-ups of Saudi Arabia vs Indonesia:

Saudi Arabia: Al-Otaib, Al-zori, Al-Montashari, Hawsawi, Mouath, Al-Musa, Otaif, Kariri, Al-Jassim, Al-Qahtani, Hazazi.

Indonesia: Markus, Nasuha, Hamka Hamzah, Benny Wahyudi, M Roby, Firman, Bustomi, M Ridwan, Irfan, Bambang, Gonzales.

Prediction scores of Saudi Arabia vs Indonesia by ZonaFootball: Saudi Arabia likely will win the match against Indonesia with a score ... Saudi Arabia 3-0 Indonesia.

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