Prediction Score Indonesia vs Bahrain (World Cup 2014 Qualifier "Asian Zone")

ZonaFootball - Predictions Indonesia vs Bahrain. Indonesia 0-3 defeat of Iran is not a good start in the 2014 World Cup Qualifier Asian Zone. To neutralize the situation and open up opportunities to qualify for the next round, must bend the Bahrain national team on Tuesday (6 / 9) at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Senayan.

Support tens of thousands of supporters of the Red and White believed the coach Wim Rijsbergen, will boost the performance of his subordinates. The facts speak at the 2007 Asian Cup, in front of Red and White Caps fan fanatic success mengaklukkan Bahrain 2-1.

"This game home and away games have a different effect. We in Indonesia have a lot of fans and remarkable. In home games we will be working hard to win games," said Wim.

Wim hoped that when the host, the players can control the game. "If they can coordinate for 90 minutes and are able to hold the ball more, then we have the opportunity to overcome Bahrain," continued the architect of Dutch origin.

Only, the question is, could the national team players the stamina to maintain stability during a match? The defeat of Iran in Group E over the first party because of the stamina. When fitness Hamka Hamzah cs sag, the game became chaotic scheme.

Bahrain has a longer rest period because they had arrived in Jakarta on Saturday (3 / 9). Meanwhile, the new national team set foot in the capital on Sunday (4 / 9) night.

Unfortunately, at home to Bahrain, Indonesia will lose M, Ilham and Zulkifli Gratitude due to accumulated yellow cards. Fortunately Boaz Solossa and Ahmad and M. Nasuha Bustomi, who missed the previous game, will appear.

The entry of Boaz will make the team more pronounced gereget attacks. Special Bustomi, his presence makes the midfield more cars.

Bahrain coach, Peter Taylor, admitted that he had pocketed the strength of Indonesia. "They are a strong team and I respect them 100 percent," said Taylor. He also considers Cristian Gonzalez, and M. Ridwan Utina Word as the most dangerous player in Indonesia.

Head to head Indonesia vs Bahrain:
July 10, 2007 (PA) Indonesia 2-1 Bahrain

Last five games Indonesia:
September 2, 2011 (PPD) Iran 3-0 Indonesia
July 28, 2011 (PPD) Indonesia 4-3 Turkmenistan
July 23, 2011 (PPD) Turkmenistan 1-2 Indonesia
December 29, 2010 (AFF) Indonesia 2-2 Malaysia
December 26, 2010 (AFF) Malaysia 3-0 Indonesia

Last five games Bahrain:
September 3, 2011 (PPD) Bahrain 0-0 Qatar
January 18, 2011 (PA) Australia 1-0 Bahrain
January 14, 2011 (PA) Bahrain 5-2 India
January 10, 2011 (PA) South Korea 2-1 Bahrain
November 14, 2009 (PPD) New Zealand 1-0 Bahrain

Predicted structure and formation Indonesia vs Bahrain players:

Indonesia (4-2-3-1): 1-Mark, 2-Nasuha, 16-Robby, 23-Hamka, 7-Benny, 8-Bustomi, 15-Firman Utina, 22-Ridwan, 7-Boaz, 18 - Irfan, 9-Gonzales.
Reserves: 30-Made Wiryawan, 6-Toni Sucipto, 10-Okto Maniani, 11-Ferdinand Sinaga, 8-Eka Ramdani, 21-Supardi, 20-Bambang Pamungkas, 13-Wahyu WIjiastanto.

Bahrain (4-4-2): 1-Sayed, 2-Hasan, 3-Abudulla, 12-Fauzi, 17-Husain, 14-Salman, 7-Hamad, 15-Omar, 16-Khalil, 11-Ismaeel, 9 -Hamad.
Reserves: 22-Abbas Ahmed, 21-Mohamed Hamad, 23-Ebraim Ali, 20-Waleed Mohamed, 19-Mohamed Duaj, 18-Fahad Yusuf, 13-Mohamed Abdulrahman, 10-Mohamed Ali, 8-Ahmed Ibrahim, 6-Dawood Saad, 4-Sayed Dhiya.

Prediction score of the match Indonesia vs Bahrain by ZonaFootball: Indonesia will likely win the match against Bahrain with a score ... Indonesia 2-1 Bahrain.

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